Fraternity & Sorority Life

We are excited to welcome Rasheed Ali Cromwell, JD. from the Harbor Institute to our campus!

Rasheed is one of the leading authorities on fraternity and sorority life on college campuses. Through the Harbor Institute, based in Washington DC, he has presented dynamic keynote speeches and interactive and engaging training sessions, and consulting for thousands of students and administrators at over 225 colleges and universities on culturally based fraternities and sororities in 36 states across the country. He blends his legal background as an attorney and his passion for education to provide a powerful framework to provide better understanding to college students and administrators on cultural issues.


Rasheed Ali Cromwell utilizes his down to earth and engaging style to present cultural and contextual information that will empower the audience with information and insight that will promote cross-cultural collaboration and risk management.

Cross Council Collaboration Workshop - Nov. 6, 2018 5 PM Lorch Hall Room 140

Risk Management Workshop for Culturally Based Greek Organizations - Nov. 6, 2018 7 PM Angell Hall Room G127