Greek Life

Greek Philanthropy Organization (GPO) is a student run organization that was started in Winter 2005. Its mission is to provide more community service opportunities for the Greek community. We believe that while individual houses create philanthropy events, there should be more hands-on community service projects available to members of the Greek system. In addition, GPO provides an avenue to make friends in different houses in an environment where the focus is service. Leadership opportunities are available by becoming an Officer and attending planning Board Meetings or by becoming a Project Leader and coordinating a service project.

Projects that have been done in the past include hosting games at the Ann Arbor YMCA kid's Halloween Party, running a Relay for Life team, fixing dinner for residents of Ronald McDonald House, volunteering at a soup kitchen, and stocking clothes and food at SafeHouse for their holiday giveaway. Outside organizations, including the Ginsberg Center for Community Service, contact us when there are philanthropic or service opportunities available. In addition, our meetings serve as a networking opportunity to advertise about the philanthropic events of chapters on campus.

Membership is open to anyone on campus!!! Come to one of our mass meetings (they are always short!) and find out about upcoming opportunities.  To join our group email list or for further information, email