Greek Life

On August 30, 2013, the Interfraternity Council will be sponsoring an opportunity for chapter leaders to brainstorm, gather resources, and work collaboratively in creating effective changes for their organizations. The IFC Leadership Summit will be hosted for chapter presidents, new member educators and recruitment chairs/teams in an effort to support their success going into a critical time of the year. Each officer will have a specific schedule for the day that will engage them in interactive dialogue, reflection, and activities to provide resources and best practices in chapter management, values-based recruitment, and effective new member education approaches. This program is new and will provide IFC leaders with perspectives related to their leadership that they may not have considered in the past.

The IFC Presidents will have time to work together in discussing the state of their council and community. The Office of Greek Life Staff will provide the presidents with an overview of university resources, recap the previous semester, and facilitate discuss on how the council can take efforts to improve the council. The presidents will also discuss strategies to safely and effectively manage events, engage with alumni, and lead the chapter through transition of newly elected officers.

For the recruitment officers, we are excited to host Phired Up Productions: Phired Up Productions is an education firm passionate about changing the world by helping meaningful organizations grow and retain more active members.  The goal of this segment is to have recruitment chairs think creatively and unconventionally around who they recruit, how they recruit, and what they hope their chapter will become as a result of their membership selection.

Through a generous contribution from University Health Service, we are able to provide workshops to our new member educators, facilitated by Kim Novak of the Novak Institute for Hazing Prevention. Kim Novak is a nationally-renown hazing prevention specialist and provides specialized workshops to focus on critical issues around hazing and risk management. This is a critically important piece of work because we recognize that what you permit is what you promote. New member educators will be challenged to consider their approach to new member education, given effective strategies and techniques to eliminate hazing in their chapters, and motivated to intervene when behavior deviates from our organizations’ values. More information can be found at

The Office of Greek Life and Interfraternity Council are excited to provide additional outlets of support for our fraternity leaders and hope to explore more outlets of leadership and moral development for other officers and emerging leaders.