Greek Life

IFDC Marine Challenge activitiy

On the afternoon of August 28, 2014 the Interfraternity Developmental  Council met with officers of the United States Marines to participate in the “Marine Challenge” and discuss leadership.

The day began with intense physical challenges on the Diag. The Marines broke the IFDC members into groups of four to compete in various exercises. IFDC members completed group pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, ammo canister presses, and other physical exercises. The main theme of each activity was that teamwork, whether it be through encouragement, or physical coordination, was required to be successful. Coordination and teamwork are central tenants of in the Marine Corps, and they expressed that in training, as in combat, no man is ever left behind.

After the physical portion of the afternoon, the IFDC members and Marines went indoors, where Sgt. Casey Garcia and Capt. Nathan Harmon led an interactive discussion on the Marine Corps’ 14 traits that define a leader. These traits include judgment, dependability, and integrity, and the group discussed them in the realm of how they could use them to become better leaders in their fraternities and on campus. Capt. Harmon challenged the IFDC members think about how they can more effectively set an example and lead their fellow brothers.