Fraternity & Sorority Life

November 12, 2017

The Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Michigan and our member organizations were founded on a mission to develop leadership, encourage academic excellence, promote service, and provide a space for people of color to celebrate not only multiculturalism as a whole, but also our individual cultural backgrounds and identities. We hold all of our members to a high standard and expect every action to be carried out with intent, respect, and dignity, in order to represent the core values we uphold as a community.

As a council and as members of the greater Greek Community, we recognize that there are challenges we face, and we strive to address those concerns with meaningful and impactful solutions. Thus, The Multicultural Greek Council supports the decision made by the Interfraternity Council to suspend all Interfraternity Council social activities and new member education.

In light of this decision, the Multicultural Greek Council will continue its organizational activities and will not participate in any joint social events with any Interfraternity Council organization for the duration of the suspension. This decision has been made to focus on the health, safety, and well-being of all Greek Life students at the University of Michigan, and we support that objective.

Our Multicultural Greek community is composed of strong, intelligent, and driven individuals. As leaders on campus, we need to utilize our insight and experience, to consider what we can work on as a community, in order to better ensure the safety of our members and the sustainability of our organizations.

Michelle Liu

Multicultural Greek Council President