Fraternity & Sorority Life

September 26, 2018

The Panhellenic Association at the University of Michigan would like to take this opportunity to provide a public statement to articulate our evolving response to community concerns.  This statement aims to address and expand on the sentiment offered by a previous statement, as well as outline the proactive steps being taken to care for our entire campus.

Earlier this week, our executive board was notified that an article claiming to expose the internal recruitment process of an unnamed member organization was circulating our community.  On Monday evening, before the Primary Recruitment session began, our executive board issued a brief, internal statement acknowledging our awareness of this article. At that time, the information we had and therefore expressed to chapters was limited and only pertained to the origin of the article.  Relaying this information was intended to be transparent while recognizing that we had limited information to provide. The statement intended to indicate our knowledge of the article, while simultaneously updating to chapter leaders that our focus remained on the Values-Based Recruitment process for which we had been preparing. We wished to convey that we had been alerted to the content of the article, not to dismiss the potential harm of this content, and we apologize if that sentiment impacted anyone in our community.

Our executive board wants to acknowledge that our previous statement was not the only or final step in responding to the hurt caused by the article. The details of the article were degrading, crude, and concerning to many of our members. We regret not indicating this damage in our former internal statement. Many of our leaders and community members have expressed their personal concern over the nature of the article and the implications and allegations it presents to our community. 

It is clear that a thorough examination needs to be made into the history, contents, and implications of the article.  The Panhellenic Association prides itself on our self-governance and the systemic processes we have in place to handle instances of potentially problematic natures.  At this time, the safety, respect, and well-being of our members, potential members, and peers will remain at the forefront of our efforts and consideration. If any students are concerned about activity of any campus organization, they can file a report with the Greek Activities Review Panel (GARP) or through the Student Organization Advancement and Recognition (SOAR). 

As this situation progresses, we urge any student to reach out if they need further support or if they are comfortable providing additional information about the issues presented. We look forward to promoting the values of sisterhood through both our words and actions, while continuing to work towards the betterment of the entire Michigan community.



Skylar Garrett, Panhellenic President

Hannah Goosen, Executive VP

Erica Schuman, Judicial VP

Margaret Michel, VP Social Responsibility

Lydia Farnia, VP Recruitment Internal

Riley Knapek, VP Recruitment External

Jenny Herrman, VP Internal Affairs

Ellie Flom, VP Finance

Emily Gilbert, VP Programming

Kelsey Owens, VP Public Relations