Fraternity & Sorority Life

The primary recruitment period for Michigan’s Panhellenic Association is during the fall of each academic year, but Continuous Open Bidding (COB) during the fall and winter semester serves as an opportunity for young women to join participating National Panhellenic Conference sororities.  COB is an informal process in which eligible chapters are permitted to host events to recruit. Only eligible chapters may participate in COB so the number of chapters is subject to change each year. If a chapter is not participating in COB, they are not permitted to hold events or issue bids during this time.

Participating chapters plan and execute their own COB process and events. Chapters and potential new members (PNMs) are responsible for contacting each other to create opportunities to meet and become familiar with one another. Events differ, but are typically casual and informal. Chapters and PNMs will be given contact information for one another through Michigan’s Panhellenic Association.

If you are interested in participating in COB, please fill out this information form to the best of your ability:

Please direct any questions or concerns to Vice President Recruitment Internal Lydia Farina at

Frequently Asked Questions About COB

How do I participate in COB?

Those interested should fill out the COB Interest Form. After this form is completed, PNMs and chapters will be given more information on COB.

Who is eligible for COB?

All female University of Michigan students are eligible to participate in COB contingent on (1) they are enrolled as a full-time student, (2) they have never been initiated into any National Panhellenic Conference sorority, (3) during primary (formal) recruitment in the fall of 2018 they did not sign the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) and/or depledge from a National Panhellenic Conference sorority.

Which chapters are eligible for COB?

Each year the chapters eligible for COB change depending on their chapter quota and/or the Panhellenic Association’s total. Only some of the chapters who are eligible for COB will choose to participate. Upon the completion the Continuous Open Bidding Interest Form, individuals will be contacted with information on participating chapters.

When does COB start and end?

For the fall, COB starts on Bid Day, which was Sunday, September 30, 2018. To respect the restablishment and welcoming of Kappa Delta, COB will go until Saturday, October 6, 2018. It will resume on Sunday, October 28, 2018 and go until the last day of classes, Tuesday, December 11, 2018

For the winter, COB starts with the beginning of the winter semester. Eligible chapters can continue COB through the duration of the winter semester.

How many women will receive bids through COB?

Due to COB being an optional and informal process, this number is not predetermined and fluctuates which each term and chapter.

Do I need a recommendation?

Recommendations are not required for COB. Recommendation forms can be found on each sorority’s national website. If a family member or friend wishes to submit a recommendation, please send it directly to the chapter.

What should I wear?

Due to COB being an informal process, individuals are encouraged to contact each chapter individually to ask what attire is appropriate for their events.

How does the bid process work for COB?

Each chapter will be responsible for issuing bids to PNMs. After an offer is made, the individual must complete a MRABA. The respective chapter will be billed the $30 new member fee (paid for by the new member).

Is everyone who participates in COB guaranteed a bid?

As COB is an informal process, participation does not guarantee that a PNM will be contacted by a chapter and does not guarantee the issue of a bid.

What are the fees for participating in COB?

There is no fee for participating in COB. If a PNM receives a bid and signs a MRABA, the respective chapter will be billed a $30 fee paid for by the new member.  It is encouraged that prior to joining a chapter, those interested refer to Panhellenic’s financial information and ask chapters about costs of membership.