Greek Life

Unrecognized organizations

A chapter whose recognition has been removed by the University, a Greek Life Council, or an inter/national organization, occasionally will choose to continue functioning without oversight as an organization. In these situations, a group may commonly be referred to as being a “rogue” organization.  It is important for a student who is interested in joining a fraternity or sorority to fully understand the implications of joining one of these disaffiliated or “rogue” groups. 

Besides the high risk and inappropriate behavior that has usually precipitated the loss of the group’s previous recognition, these organizations no longer benefit from the privileges that their previous recognition afforded.  These include, but are not limited to; professional staff and alumni advising and support, proactive educational programming, leadership development, oversight of risk management efforts, service opportunities, academic support, and participation in social, intramural, and other campus and Greek Life activities.  

The Office of Greek Life recognizes organizations’ work to demonstrate compliance with their founding values and principles by participating in the Achievement Expectations Program, for which they receive recognition and endorsement. Disaffiliated groups do not participate in these efforts.


The University urges students and their parents to avoid groups currently functioning without the Office of Greek Life, governing council recognition, and/or national organization oversight.

The groups currently known to be in existence at the University of Michigan without such oversight include:

Sig/Sphinx  ( **not Sigma Phi Society see below) – once affiliated with a national fraternity and was closed by the national organization 10 years ago due to high risk behavior and failed obligations to the national organization.  The Office of Greek Life continues to receive complaints and concerns about this group.

Flying Eagles/Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) – This fraternity was expelled from the Interfraternity Council and lost University recognition in January 2011 for hazing violations. During the summer of 2015, the charter for this chapter was revoked by the national headquarters. 

The following group at the University of Michigan has continued to receive oversight from their national organization throughout their disaffiliation:

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) - This fraternity was expelled from the Interfraternity Council in September 2015 for violating IFC Bylaws pertaining to rogue organizations. As of now, this organization is still recognized by the national organization. 

** Sigma Phi Society is a fraternity recognized by its National Organization and the Univeristy of Michigan.  They have chosen not to affiliate with one of the four councils but there is not cause for concern like with the above organizations.


Any questions regarding the recognition status of a fraternity or sorority should be directed to a staff member in the Office of Greek Life (734) 936-3686.


Mary Beth Seiler, Director

Devin Berghorst, Assistant Director

Shannon Cohen, Assistant Director

Courtney Monroe, NPHC/MGC Advisor

Chris Kulka, Administrative Coordinator