Fraternity & Sorority Life

Winter 2019 Achievement Expectations Report

On July 18, 2019, Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) released the Achievement Expectations report for Winter 2019. This report provides an overview of participation, summary points and council statistics.

Women Leading Women

Women Leading Women's purpose is to educate newly elected chapter officers in the Panhellenic Association about campus resources, explore personal leadership style, learn about relative topics, and help them build cross-council relationships.

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There are three lines of text in black stacked on top of each other. First line reads "Women Leading Women 2018". Second line: "Elevate, Empower,Envision". Third line: "Building the Skills and Confidence Necessary to Challenge the Status Quo

Presidents Weekend

Presidents Weekend is a weekend retreat for the chapter and council presidents of the fraternity and sorority community that develop leadership and personal skills such as relationship building, effective goal-setting, and much more.

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There is text that reads "University of Michigan Fraternity & Sorority Life Presidents Weekend" with images of students and facilitators inside of the letters of the word "Presidents Weekend"

Emerging Leaders Conference

The Emerging Leaders Conference is a free, on-campus educational experience that supports and develops students' personal and leadership skills.

The background contains a room with white-linen banquet tables and students interacting in an activity with cards. In the forefront, the words "Emerging Leaders" and "The University of Michigan Fraternity & Sorority Life" appear in blue.

Creating a Culture of Consent

PRISM, the SAPAC and Fraternity & Sorority Life, student-led collaboration brought Dr. Keith Edwards to campus in April 2019.  Keith’s talk “Creating a Culture of Consent” focuses on encouraging and empowering participants to change the culture on campus surrounding sexual assault

Creating a Culture of Consent