Greek Life


The financial and housing obligations associated with Panhellenic sorority membership are important to understand.  First year expenses tend to be higher because of one-time fees, some of which are paid directly to the national organizations.   Dues may include all or only certain social activities.  Room and board is a bargain, averaging less than it costs to live in a double or single in a residence hall. Each chapter has provided specific  financial  and housing information.  

Chapter Information


Glossary of Terms used on each financial page

New Member/Pledge Fee
The initial fee a pledge/new member pays to join the sorority. Paid to national headquarter  to cover administrative costs; equipment, printed materials, etc.
Initiation Fee
A one-time fee to officially initiate as an active sister of the sorority, send to national headquarters
Badge/Pin Fee
Covers the cost of your chapter  pin
Membership Deposit
Some chapters have a deposit paid by first year members that is returned after graduation if the member fulfills her financial obligations (exception: room and board)
Chapter Dues
Covers dues paid to Panhel, insurance coverage, social events, and chapter budgets.  
House Corporation Fee
Provides for lifetime membership in House Corporation; to be used to establish Reserve Funds for long-term capital improvements and future needs
Parlor  Fee (Facility User Fee)
Covers the cost of food service and operations for out-of-house members when eating at and using the house.
Room and Board
Room rent covers the house's mortgage payment, daily services, house director salary, taxes, etc. Board covers the expenses of food preparation, clean-up, cook salary, etc.