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The most common way to join a Panhellenic Association sorority is through the Formal Recruitment process of mutual selection traditionally known as "Rush".   

All of Michigan's National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities participate in the Formal Recruitment Process. The one Associate Member chapter holds its own informal process during the fall and winter semesters.  

In 2018 the Panhellenic Association will be adding a new NPC sorority after Formal Recruitment so this be an additional opportunity to join our community.  (See bottom of page for formal recruitment dates)


The Formal Recruitment Process

Formal Recruitment occurs only during the fall semester of each year (see dates below). A Mass Meeting is held in early September. The Mass Meeting provides important details about the rush process. Even more information is available at the Sorority Forum, which presents the opportunity to meet members from each sorority and ask any questions. Women interested in Recruitment must register prior to the advertised deadline.


Formal Recruitment is comprised of four (4) sets of parties:

  • Open House Round is the time to get a brief look at each chapter and form a first impression of our sorority community as a whole.
  • Philanthropy Round will focus on philanthropy, a fundamental value of sorority life.
  • Sisterhood Round will include tours of the sorority houses.
  • Preference Round events are formal events at which members express personal feelings about the meaning of their sisterhood.

As Recruitment progresses, sororities issue invitations and Potential New Members decide where they wish to revisit. At the end of this mutual selection process, sororities extend invitations to join (bids).


Registering for Recruitment

Before registering for recruitment, you must first complete a brief, 20-minute educational module. Please click the link below to complete the module and register for recruitment. Once you complete the module you will be directed to the registration form. You will know that you are registered once you pay your $30.00 fee and receive an email confirmation. Please note, in order to participate in formal recruitmen, you must complete the module and register by the deadline.


Pre-Recruitment Module 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register?

Yes, all students must register by the dealine in order to participate.  You do not need to register to attend the Mass Meeting or Forum.  It is simply to gather information before making a decision.

How do I register?

Registration for 2017 Panhellenic Recruitment will open August 1st. Click here to be directed. You must be registerd by the deadline in order to participate.

Do I need a recommendation?

Recommendations are not required for sorority recruitment. Recommendation forms can usually be found in each sorority's national magazine or on their website.  Should a family member or friend offer to write a recommendation, it should be sent directly to the chapter.  Addresses can be found on our contact list. They should be sent attn: Recruitment Chair and should arrive in late August.

Should I attend the Mass Meeting?

Yes, important information about the process will be given. Additionally, you will be able to ask questions of current members.

What should I wear?

Open House Round: Casual
Philanthropy Round: Dressy Casual
Sisterhood Round: Dressy Casual
Preference Round: Dressier; cocktail dress but not formal evening wear

How do I know where to go?

The process and terminology may seem confusing, but you will be assigned recruitment officers, known as Rho Omegas. They are junior or senior sorority members who provide support and knowledge throughout Formal Recruitment.

What does it cost to join a sorority?

The financial and housing obligations associated with Panhellenic sorority membership are important to understand.  First year expenses tend to be higher because of one-time fees, some of which are paid directly to the national/international organizations.   Chapter dues may include all or only certain social activities.  Room and board generally includes meals, utilities, housekeeping services, parking and maintenance costs.

Average first year fees: $1,890

Average room and board fee:  $10,039

Average fees after first year: $810-$1,375.00

View financial information for each chapter.

What if I have class or another conflict and need to miss a Recruitment Event?

It is sometimes necessary that Potential New Members miss events for legitimate reasons such as class, a family wedding, UM Band, or University athletics. If you must miss an event, it is important that you register your conflict at the Invitation Ranking prior to the set you will miss. For instance, if you have a class during Second Set, please visit the conflict table at the Invitation Ranking after Mixers. If you register a conflict with Panhel, chapters whose events you miss may invite you to the next set of events. However, depending on how many women have conflicts for a given set of events, sororities are not obligated to issue invitations to women with conflicts. If you register your conflict prior to scheduling of the next set of events, Panhel will be able to get you to your “favorite” chapters at the times you are available. If you do not register a class conflict, become, ill or an emergency occurs, please call the Office of Greek Life immediately. Potential New Members should not miss class due to Recruitment.

How do I learn about the new NPC sorority coming in 2018?

NPC sororities join a local Panhellenic Association through a process called Extension.  The Extension Process occurs after Formal Recruitment and usually included informational sessions, interviews, and formal events.  Please contact the Office of Greek Life for more details.

Do any chapters hold Winter Recruitment?

A limited number of sororities may hold informal events during the Winter Semester. It is important to understand that only eligible chapters may hold events during the Winter semester and that it is possible that no chapters will be holding events.   Click here for Winter 2018 Information



2018 calendar

September 20  - Mass Meeting

September 21 and 20 - Open House Round

September 24, 25 and 26 - Philanthropy Round

September 27 and 28 - Sisterhood Round

September 29 – Preference Event

September 30- Bid Day


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