Greek Life

On February 7th, 2016, nearly 200 sorority women came together to develop their leadership skills to be successful in their various positions in their sororities. Presidents, risk managers, Panhellenic delegates, programming chairs, public relations chairs, recruitment chairs, new member educators, social chairs, philanthropy chairs, and scholarship chairs from all sororities attended the event.

The day consisted of a variety of breakout sessions where women could learn from different groups of people. First, the women got to meet the women in other sororities with the same position as them. This allowed them to see what other chapters do, and how it would work in their own chapter. For example, the risk manager of a chapter may have learned that other chapters use a buddy system to promote accountability at date parties, which may have led that woman to implement a similar system in her own chapter to ensure the safety of her sisters.

Next, the women met in new groups to discuss important topics, such as hazing prevention and mental health in sororities. This helped the women to understand what needed to change on campus, and started the conversation about what they could do about it. The goal of this breakout session was not to solve major problems in the community on the spot, but rather to encourage the leaders to begin thinking about these issues and how they could work together to improve the current situation.

To end the day, the leaders met with the women from their own chapter at the event to reflect on what they learned from the conference and how they could incorporate their new knowledge into their chapter. This breakout session ensured that the conference resulted in actual change, and that the women would hold each other accountable. Overall, Women Leading Women 2016 was a successful day, and the women who attended learned more about what their leadership position in the Panhellenic community would entail.