Greek Life

IFC fraternity recruitment will take place between September 7th and October 3rd. There are various events for students to learn about the community, the member chapters and invidual members.  Below you can find contact information and open house information.

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Fraternity Forum - Monday, September 11th in the Michigan League. Stop by between 7:00pm and 9:00pm to meet members of all the IFC chapters.

Fall 2017 Open House Schedule.

Fraternity: Address: 12-Sep 13-Sep 14-Sep 18-Sep 19-Sep
Alpha Epsilon Pi 1912 Geddes Ave X     X  
Alpha Sigma Phi 920 Baldwin Ave   X     X
Alpha Tau Omega 1415 Cambridge Rd   X     X
Beta Theta Pi 604 South State St     X X  
Chi Phi 1530 Washtenaw Ave   X     X
Delta Chi 1705 Hill St   X   X  
Delta Sigma Phi 1814 Geddes Ave X       X
Delta Tau Delta 1928 Geddes Ave X       X
Delta Upsilon 1331 Hill St   X   X  
Kappa Sigma 806 Hill St     X X  
Lambda Chi Alpha 1601 Washtenaw Ave   X     X
Phi Delta Theta 1437 Washtenaw Ave     X X  
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) 707 Oxford Rd X       X
Phi Kappa Psi 630 Oxford Rd X       X
Phi Sigma Kappa 1043 Baldwin Ave   X     X
Pi Kappa Alpha 700 Oxford Rd X       X
Pi Kappa Phi 903 Lincoln Ave   X     X
Psi Upsilon 1000 Hill St     X X  
Sigma Chi 548 S State     X X  
Sigma Phi Epsilon 730 Tappan Ave     X X  
Theta Chi 1351 Washtenaw Ave     X X  
Theta Delta Chi 700 S State Street     X X  
Theta Xi 1345 Washtenaw Ave     X X  
Triangle 1501 Washtenaw Ave X     X  
Zeta Beta Tau 640 Oxford Rd   X     X
Zeta Psi 725 Oxford Rd X       X
    12-Sep 13-Sept 14-Sept 18-Sept 19-Sept.


Chapter Contact Information

Fraternity Recruitment Chair  Contact Information
Alpha Epsilon Pi Larry Suprun
Alpha Sigma Phi Jordan Brandt
Alpha Tau Omega John Robison
Beta Theta Pi Ben Jozwiak
Chi Phi Will Neubauer
Delta Chi Jake Shooster
Delta Sigma Phi Jake Thomas
Delta Tau Delta Noah Gillen
Delta Upsilon Jacob Wong
Kappa Sigma Tim Braunstein
Lambda Chi Alpha Alec Giese
Phi Delta Theta Ryan Susterich
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Andrew Kahn
Phi Kappa Psi Teddy Joaquin
Phi Sigma Kappa Maxwell LaCosse
Pi Kappa Alpha Jason Beneducci
Pi Kappa Phi Mitch Boorstein
Psi Upsilon Thomas Dabish
Sigma Chi Jack Burney
Sigma Phi Epsilon Cooper Jenkins
Theta Chi Jackson Gray
Theta Delta Chi Ben Trask
Theta Xi Brandon Penoyer
Triangle Ashton Russo
Zeta Beta Tau Ethan Baim
Zeta Psi Donovan Park