Greek Life

Released November 9, 2017


As an Interfraternity Council community, we believe in holding our members to a high standard at The University of Michigan.  It has come to our attention that some members of the Interfraternity Council community have not been living up to these standards. 

In the interim, we are suspending all social activities and new member education programs.  We will be working with our national organization partners to ensure that our programs are in alignment with our policies and values. 

We believe that social events are a privilege, and we, as a community, have not earned this privilege at this time.  We will immediately begin the process of assessing our policies and practices and developing a formal plan going forward. 

The IFC Executive Board proposed this plan of action to the IFC chapter presidents tonight, who voted to implement the plan so that we can take proactive steps through self-governance to improve our community.

We are taking time to focus on the health and safety of our members and our community.  And we are committed to working with the university, our peers, alumni and national partners to do so. 

Alec Mayhan

IFC Executive Vice President