Fraternity & Sorority Life

Program Details

Fraternities and sororities at the University of Michigan are expected to complete the expectations listed in the Achievement Expectations Program.

Fall 2019 Achievement Expectations Report

The Achievement Expectations (AE) Program is approaching its seventh year since being launched in August of 2013.  The primary goal of this program is to evaluate the performance of all our chapters, and provide a community-wide picture of what is occurring in Fraternity & Sorority Life to offer guidance for areas of potential improvement.  The program has seven categories: Administrative, Academic, Community Service & Philanthropy, Chapter Development, Leadership and Personal Development, Community Building & Campus Engagement, and Risk Management.

Achievement Expectations Reports

The Achievement Expectations (AE) program has seven areas (Administrative, Academic, Community Service & Philanthropy, Chapter Development, Leadership, Community Building & Campus Engagement, and Risk Management). Overall there are ten categories on which each organization is reviewed. In each category, we expect chapters to meet specific goals by completing and submitting documents on time regarding their chapter’s activities, and participating in community programming.

Michigan Greek Achievement Expectations Program Launched

In 2012 the Michigan fraternity & sorority community completed a new Strategic Plan.  As students, staff and alumni reviewed the goal areas of the Strategic Plan, it became apparent that in order to effectively implement the goals, chapters needed to be held accountable in a consistent and reasonable manner.   A group of students from all four councils met weekly with Office of Greek Life staff and assisted with developing chapter expectations in seven (7) areas.  Thus, the Achievement Expectations Program (AE) was established and launched in Fall 2013.