IFC Financial and Housing Information

Students who join an IFC fraternity should expect to pay chapter dues each semester. Each chapter’s dues are likely to vary depending on their current financial situation. These dues will most likely be charged at the beginning of each semester and cover items such as national dues, IFC dues, insurance fees, and chapter programming. While these are some of the places each individual chapter’s dues will go, these are subject to being tailored based on each individual chapter’s needs. Please remember this is not a completely inclusive list and dues charged by each chapter is subject to change based on the leadership decisions made within each chapter. 

Part of each member’s dues is IFC dues.  This money will go towards managing social risk, supporting a council facilitated recruitment, council programming, room reservations for council meetings, and any other type of event that is fitting based on the semester needs. These will be discussed weekly with the individual chapter’s leadership, which will then be passed along to your chapter at weekly chapter meetings. IFC dues have historically been $30.00 per member per semester, but that is always at the discretion of the VP of Finance for the IFC Executive Board depending on the situation. 

Each chapter may have live-in requirements. Connect with the chapter prior to accepting a bid to understand housing obligations. There may be extra associated fees  such as rent and meal plans within each chapter. 

While joining a fraternity will cost money and have to be funded to ensure the highest efficiency and progress of the community, many chapters will be willing to work with each member to create payment plans or alternative methods of payment depending on the individual’s circumstances.  Payments plans  may be  available within each chapter, so if an individual  foresees an issue being able to pay, talk to the chapter leadership to find a solution that works for both parties.