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How to Join us

After deciding to explore the Michigan fraternity and sorority community, students must complete four steps to verify they meet the criteria to participate in a recruitment or intake process.   Additionally, registration for a process may be required.

We recommend that students complete all the requirements early to ensure meeting any council or chapter deadlines.

Recruitment and Intake processes differ by organization. The Panhellenic Association (Panhel) sororities regulate their organizations' recruitment, and the Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities regulate theirs. The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) fraternities and sororities have national or regional officers who set the timing and regulations around their recruitment or intake processes.

It is important to understand the details and any specific deadlines for the process you wish to participate in.

Process Details by Council

IFC Information

Men interested in joining an Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternity may do so by participating in the IFC semi-structured process informally known as “Rush” or by being offered a “late bid”.

More details on IFC Recruitment. Information about each affiliated fraternity.

MGC Information

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) hosts events so that students can learn about the fraternities and sororities within the council. Students interested in joining an MGC fraternity or sorority should contact the chapter directly.

Recruitment and intake processes and timelines for each chapter vary, so it is important to find out what each individual organization’s membership requirements are in addition to the institutional eligibility requirements. More information about MGC and its member chapters.

NPHC Information

Each fall the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) hosts events so students can learn about fraternities and sororities within NPHC, including the NPHC Fall Open House. Each organization conducts Intake at a different time. When a chapter begins its membership intake program, they will publicize the initial events. Interested students should attend the first events in order to get the specific details. Each organization in the Divine Nine has its own membership requirements that are in addition to U-M institutional requirements. 

Panhel  Information 

The most common way to join a Panhellenic Association sorority is through the Primary Recruitment process of mutual selection. The next Panhellenic Primary Recruitment will take place in January 2025. All of Michigan's National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities participate in the Primary Recruitment Process. The one Associate Member chapter holds its own informal process during the fall and winter semesters. Sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students may choose to participate in Fall Continuous Open Recruitment (COB).

Click Here for details about Panhellenic recruitment processes.

  • WI25 Primary Recruitment registration deadline is Thursday, January 2, 2025 at 1:00pm EST.

The Fraternity & Sorority Educational Module will inform students about the councils and affiliated chapters, provide information on expectations of individuals and chapters, introduce students to valuable skills, and encourage students to think about their own values.  Students must pass the final quiz with a 100% score. Don’t worry, you can take it multiple times!

Click to begin the FSL Educational Module (Canvas) - will open August 1, 2024

Impact Training in an online Canvas educational module designed to provide skills to students who are part of specific populations (Athletics, ROTC, Marching Band, Club Sports and fraternities and sororities). It provides valuable information about bystander behavior, hazing education, and the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.This training will take 60-90 minutes to complete. 


Click to begin the Impact Training Module (Canvas) - Opens August 1, 2024


After completing the educational components, students will use the Recruitment and Intake Gateway to verify they have met all the criteria,  complete paperwork and register for a council’s formal process if applicable.

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment Registration opens 10/1/24 (link on final page of verificaiton gateway)


Note - If your first term at UM is Winter 2025, the system will not reconize your enrollment until after December 19th (end of Fall term).

Contact us at [email protected] or 734-936-3686 with questions.

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The fraternity and sorority community Michigan has close to 5,000 students within 4 councils. The Interfraternity Council (IFC), the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and the Panhellenic Association (Panhel) pride themselves on individuality, while recognizing common values and principles.

Learn more about Our Diverse Community.

Eligibility Criteria

The University of Michigan is committed to providing a best-in-class, first-year experience to help students make a successful transition to college, reach their full potential and thrive on campus and beyond. As such, participation in fraternity and sorority intake or recruitment at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor campus, requires that a student meets specific criteria.

Full criteria and FAQ

Important Dates

Panhellenic WI25 Primary Recruitment Registration

Registration will open October 1, 2024 at Noon EST.   Students MUST be veriftied, registered and have paid the fee by January 2, 2025 at 1:00pm EST.

IFC Fall Recrutiment Registration

Registration will open in August 2024



There are a number of unrecognized Greek-letter groups currently operating near campus, which may appear to be part of the fraternity and sorority community but are not. These groups do not have the same professional oversight, institutional support and accountability, or long-standing safety practices in place as do the recognized chapters. Students should make affiliation and membership decisions carefully. Recognized and affiliated chapters are listed on the Fraternity & Sorority Life website according to their respective councils.

View the list