Joining the Interfraternity Council

General Overview of Recruitment

Students interested in joining an Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternity can do so by participating in the IFC’s semi-structured formal recruitment process - this is sometimes referred to as “Rush”. Or through the late bid process.  

IFC Formal Recruitment is organized into two phases:

  • Phase One: These events are open to all interested students regardless of eligibility so they may explore and engage chapters.

  • Phase Two: These events are private and “invite only”.  Participating students must have met institutional eligibility requirements and received individual invitations from chapters to attend.

All fraternities affiliated with our campus IFC participate in this process. (Check here for affiliated campus IFC member chapters).

Fall 2023

Dates coming soon

Recruitment Registration:

Students interested in participating in IFC recruitment must complete the registration process for rush and must meet the institutional eligibility for recruitment. Individual chapters may have additional new member requirements. 

Step One - Enroll in and complete the CANVAS Educational Module for Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Step Two - Complete Impact Training on Canvas prior to the conclusion of Invite Only Events

Step Three - Register for formal recruitment through the Recruitment & Intake Gateway (RIG), and select IFC as council interest. By following the steps on RIG, potential new members will be checked for meeting institutional requirements and eligibility verification. Listed here is the criteria for institutional eligibility.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What fraternities are affiliated with the Interfraternity Council?

Click here for a list of organizations affiliated with IFC.

Am I eligible to join an IFC chapter during any semester I am enrolled at Michigan?

Students will need to meet the institutional eligibility requirements and the IFC Impact Training Requirement in order to participate in Phase Two of the recruitment process. 

Can I attend any events while waiting to be eligible?

Students can attend open events sponsored by the IFC or any member chapters. See dates above and the list of activities for all students

What are Chapter Opens Houses?

During IFC recruitment it is important for interested men to thoroughly explore all opportunities available to them. The semi-structured recruitment process provides students with a series of events which allow them to narrow down the chapters in which they are interested. One of these is Chapter Open Houses. This is  a great opportunity for potential new members to ask important questions about the time commitment, financial obligations, housing, and any other expectations that go along with membership.

After Chapter Open Houses, men should have a good idea of a small number of chapters they wish to pursue during Phase Two  - Invitation only events.

Do I have to register?

Yes. You must register with IFC and complete all required steps in order to receive a bid. 

What is Impact Training?

Impact Training is a 60-90 minute online educaitonal program that provides valuable information about bystander behavior, hazing education, and the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.  Impact Training Canvas Link.(will open in early August)

If I participate in recruitment, do I have to join?

No. There is nothing to lose by participating in recruitment and there is no obligation to join. If you are offered a bid you may decide to accept, decline, or defer to another time (depending on chapter policies).

Can I receive more than one bid?

Yes, you may receive more than one bid, but you can accept only one.

Is there a fee to join a fraternity?

Besides the financial obligations to your fraternity, there is a $30 fee that is paid to IFC when you accept your bid. This is paid online at the time you accept your bid.

If I have questions about a specific chapter, who do I contact?

Contact individual chapters with direct questions.  Contact List

If you have any questions please contact Fraternity & Sorority Life @