Fraternity & Sorority Life

Membership Recruitment/Intake Information

Each chapter is required to submit online intake forms to Fraternity & Sorority Life in both Fall and Winter semesters. These forms are designated to inform Greek Life staff as to whether chapters intend on conducting intake, general intake information, and new member information. All intake paperwork will be regarded with the utmost confidentiality and will only be referred to should the chapter have an indiscretion. Please follow the below deadlines for submitting each form - if there are any questions that cannot be answered on our website, please contact the NPHC/MGC Advisor. Spring/Summer intake paperwork submissions are only for chapters who WILL be conducting intake.

Deadlines for Intake Forms:

  • Notice of Recruitment/Intake - Fall - September 20th and Winter - January 20th
  • Submission of Dates - Fall - October 20th and Winter - February 20th
  • Submit names of new members/candidate one month prior to initiation