Panhel COB/Non-Primary Recruitment Chapter Logistics Information

This information is for chapter use only.  It provides instructions on the logistical steps chapters need to take when adding new members via Continuous Open Bidding (COB)/Non-Primary Recruitment

Remember that students who are interested in joining a Panhellenic chapter must meet institutional eligibility requirements and chapters must verify the eligibility. Chapters should direct students to the FSL Website (How to Join). 

                     Instructions for adding new members outside of Primary Recruitment






Step 1

Complete Recruitment/Intake Information Form

Fall - within one week of first day of class

Winter- within one week of bid day

Must be filled out by ALL chapters.

Recruitment/Intake Form

    If chapter is not doing COB/Recruitment then chapter is done.  

Step 2

Request access to the Recruitment & Intake Gateway in order to verify candidate eligibility

Prior to events beginning

Eligiblity Access Form

Step 3

Verify that potential members meet institutional eligibility

When a student begins the chapter recruitment process

Recruitment & Intake Gateway 

Step 4

Direct student to completed Membership
Recruitment Acceptance
Binding Agreement (MRABA)

Student must sign form within 24 hours of accepting bid when joining an NPC organization.




Step 5

Submit names of new members

Chapter submits this form within 24 hours of a new member signing the MRABA

New Member Addition Form

Step 6 Instruct New Member to pay NM Fee online

Click here to navigate to the UM Shared Services website and follow the steps below to enter payment.  Please use your UM email to make matching your payment to you easier.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen & click “Pay Now”.

  2. Click the “Go To Secure Payment Provider to Pay My Bill” button.

  3. Enter ($28.25) in the Amount field.

  4. Enter the security code shown and click Continue.

  5. Enter BidPanhel in the Invoice Number field.

  6. Enter the student’s uniqname  in the Description field.

  7. Complete remaining *Required fields under Payment Information and Billing Information sections.

  8. Click the “Pay Now” button.


If there are any questions that cannot be answered on our website, please contact our staff