FSL Academic Reporting Process for Chapters

Fraternity & Sorority Life Academic Reporting

Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) works with the Office of the Registrar to provide academic data and reports for FSL and its affiliated organizations.  For fall and winter semesters, FSL provides community and chapter academic statistics along with individual member academic information upon request.



  1. FSL submits a data file to the Office of the Registrar of all active members approximately two to three weeks after completions of semeter exams and posting of grades for  both fall and winter semesters.
  2. The Office of the Registrar and FSL review the initial data for exclusions such as students reported active but who in fact are not registered.
  3. The Office of the Registrar provides FSL with a final report of all members with semester academic data.  The file includes students who both have an academic release on file and those who do not.  
    • All students are included in creation of community and chapter academic information but individual information is only released to outside entities if FSL has an academic release on file.
  4. FSL uses the data file to create academic rankings within each council.
  5. FSL produces chapter reports with individual, chapter and community data upon request.
    •  Reports include individual semester GPA, Semester credit hour and cumulative GPA information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does an organization request a report?

The Request for Chapter Academic Information Form can be found on the  forms page of the FSL website.

How does a student release their academic information?

Beginning fall 2019, students sign an academic release (FERPA) during the process used to verify eligibility to participate in a recruitment or intake process.  Prior to fall 2019, students signed release forms after joining an organization.  If this step was missed at that time, a student must go through the eligibility verification process in order to sign the release. The system is currently closed for maintenance (Summer 2020).

Must a student release their information?

A student must release information to FSL in order to verify eligibility to participate in a recruitment or intake process and to allow for verification of academic information if required to pursue membership in an organization.  A student may revoke authorization at a later date by notifying FSL in writing.     

Who is included on a Chapter Academic Report?

All students a chapter reports as active (initiated members, new members, affiliated members etc.) are included except: a student who is abroad through another institution so is not enrolled at UM, a student who is not registered for classes, or a student taking graduate level classes. Individual cases may also cause a student to not be included

Is any information available online?

Information on each Interfraternity Council chapter can be found online here

Community-wide statistics are available here

Why might a chapter or new member class GPA might not be reported publicly?

Due to a chapter size, publicly reporting a chapter or new member class gpa may violate an individual student’s right to privacy.

Can an organization request additional information?

If an organization is in need of academic information such as eligibility to participate in a recruitment or intake process, they can submit the academic release form.  Students must have filled out the academic release (FERPA) form within the recruitment and intake eligibility verification process.